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Remote access

   Only for uncommercial use

    Version of  the DIESEL-RK which supports the operation with remote users permanently works on the server of Piston Engines Department.
    For acquaintance of a scientific public with new technologies in the field of thermodynamic modeling of ICE, the free remote access to the system for all were interested is organized. Also remote access is intended for students and post-graduated students of Universities working in the noncommercial objectives, as well as for experts to evaluate software. 

Content of page:
- Conditions of remote access
- Registration form
- Recommendations
- Remote access options

Conditions of remote access  

      Remote access is opened for uncommercial use only. For realization of systematic jobs wearing commercial or relevant for the practical tasks character, we recommend to install the local version of the program on the computer and to pass training.
      Frequently simple ignorance of main simulation methods, implemented in the program or the absence of skills in the analysis of the obtained results causes errors in realization of numerical researches. The system of the context-sensitive "Help" is not intended for disclosure of all nuances of simulation methods and, does not allow to answer all problems and give advice concerning all situations which one can to arise in actual job. Professional job in numerical research of engines has to be started from training.

     Developers do not guarantee safety and non-disclosure of data forwarded to server.
     The developers reserve the right to cut off the server and to apply administration of the users.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista and IE 5.0 .

     The changes and additions improving quality of operation can be brought into the system. The changes can be brought in the documentation of the program. All news will be reflected on this page. Watch the changes. Use only new releases of software for remote access.  Download new release of  DIESEL-RK.

     WARNING !  The servers of remote access may be overloaded. Developers apologize if failures occur.  Please inform us about all errors of system. It help us to improve service.

  • Support group will help you if engine simulation problems occurs: (to accelerate our answer, attach *.drk data file.)


Registration form

     Registration is not required while testing period does not exhausted.



     For work remotely with the program DIESEL-RK:
- Download the distributive package from server to your computer.
- Install the software on hard disk: run Diesel-RK NET eng xxx.exe and follow program messages.

    IMPORTANT ! Use a new subdirectory for each data file (*.DRK). 

 Create New Projeect.jpg (813 bytes)   For simplification labor-intensive process of data set (especial empirical coefficients) the program has special tool: Wizard of New Project Creation. This wizard on the basis of the most common data on engine will create files of input data, using the most known technical decisions accepted in area of propulsion engineering. Thus essentially becomes simpler not only process of input data entering but also the most difficult stage of computational research: calibration of engine model. The last is especially important for the students who are not having enough experience, time and experimental data for customizing of the program on object of research, and also for researchers who makes express estimation of an ICE design.

     ATTENTION ! The data files formed by Wizard of New Project Creation have no precise set-up with the engine, and have illustrative character. It is enough for execution educational works and also for preliminary or estimated calculations. Edit created by Wizard data file corresponding with your engine design.

      To make data files with the precise set-up on all parameters on engine it is necessary to have experimental data, to know simulation methods and pass the training. Also it is possible to receive these files from the developers on a contractual basis. We also are ready to perform for you the computational researches of your engines.

      You can at own discretion (without limitations) work with the "Graphics shell" of program DIESEL-RK, using all of its function, including editing of the data, plot of graphs, visualization of a mixture formation etc.
      The access to server to simulate the ICE working process (or to perform the numerical research) is performed by  "Run" button from main menu (while ICE simulation carries out INTERNET connection must be activated).


Remote access options

      Most of users may work with DIESEL-RK server without any additional settings. If connection does not work correctly, set remote access options using "Remote Access Options" window in DIESEL-RK preprocessor: (Main Menu => Options => Remote Access Options).

Most of users may work with DIESEL-RK server without any additional settings. For special connection settings use "Remote Access Options" window (Main Menu => Options => Remote Access Options).

Panel: Diesel-RK Server

 Host, Port
Specify the following server host and port:

Host:     for  versions  4.3.0.

Port:  80

Please, update your version of the software.

 Username and Password

Username and Password are necessary only for privileged access toDIESEL-RK server.
To get a privileged access to DIESEL-RK server please, e-mail to short information:
- Your Name and Position;
- Company name;
- City and Country;
- Brief description of your research;
and you will receive your Username and Password.
Leave this fields blank if you have no Username and Password for access to DIESEL-RK Server.

Panel: HTTP Proxy

If you are using a HTTP proxy server specify it's parameters: Host, Port, Username and Password (if authorization is required). You can see this information in Windows "Internet Options" (Start menu => Settings => Control Panel => Internet Options, Connections tab, LAN Settings button, Proxy Server panel) or contact your Network Administrator.

Panel: Socks Proxy

If you are using a Socks proxy server specify it's parameters: Host, Port, Socks version, Username and Password (if authorization is required). You can see this information in Windows "Internet Options" (Start menu => Settings => Control Panel => Internet Options, Connections tab, LAN Settings button, Proxy Server panel, Advanced... button) or contact your Network Administrator.

   In DIESEL-RK and higher:
- All recommendations are presented in "Help" system (<F1> or <Help> button).
- The Proxy settings are applied automatically from your Windows settings before first simulation.



Server messages

Connection Closed Gracefully. 

Can't connect to Diesel-RK server.

These messages mean the overload of University Network or overload of the DIESEL-RK server.

If these messages appear try to repeat simulations later.


Kernel messages

DIESEL-RK kernel messages are shown by black font and describe essence of error in engine data settings.

Messages from developers

Professional researches of engines must be started from training.
For the professional purpose use local version of software.

If you have questions about licensing and training, contact with developers.

If any  problem occurs - report to: support group 

We wish You success!

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